Sunday, May 01, 2011

We're sure as heck not in Kansas anymore...

Tornado warnings have been almost continuous (along with thunderstorm, wind and flood alerts) while we've been here near Louisville (Kentucky), but I'm glad to report that we're still on terra firma, with The Rattler intact.

While I'm glad I haven't been in any tornadoes, the last few days have been (for me) a whirlwind of sights and sounds and dare I say 'colourful' experiences -- all part of the wonders that were Montreal.

In addition to the horse with the pink mane (pulling one of the tour buggies that traverse the brick roads of the Old City), another colour played a role because I was part of a literary festival called 'Blue Met'. And what was I reading at the Blue Met, but a section from my new book, Shrinking Violets. So, three colours in one paragraph (and one day) -- not bad.

I also closed off National Poetry Month by giving away the last item in my book-a-day project. A book that seemed to suit both the festival and the urban setting was
Evelyn Lau's Living Under Plastic, a book I love very much. And I'll admit, it was my second copy that was left behind. My own special signed one remains at home on the poetry shelves.

Back to the road tomorrow, where there'll be more posts from who-knows-where.

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