Friday, May 20, 2011

Clear skies

The last few days have seen us staying with relatives, who have a beautiful property in the countryside near Hamilton. Aside from going into the city for the book launch, we've mostly managed to lie low and wait out the cold, rainy weather.

The change began yesterday, and it was lovely the way the sun brought people outdoors. I saw lawn-cutters, sidewalk-sweepers, kids playing with hula hoops -- even a boy with fat coloured chalks making art on a sidewalk.

This morning was clear and bright and tonight was warm enough to have a picnic on the deck. Tomorrow will be a day for moving on -- provided, of course, that the world doesn't decide to end.

When Ontario weather behaves like this, it's pretty much paradise. And heck, when that's the case, who needs thoughts of the Rapture? And since I'm planning on having the world carry on, I even plan to do some 'foraging' while I'm here.

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