Sunday, May 08, 2011


As we drive through the U.S., we keep seeing reminders of the many terrible storms this year's spring has delivered.

Near the airport in St. Louis, we saw flattened buildings and trees. In Kentucky, near a roadworks site, there were trees that at first appeared to be the result of a very botched job of mechanized logging -- the complete branchwork torn off, the trunks sloppily torn. But then, the terrible realization: this was the work of a tornado.

When we saw a house with a tree resting over top of it, our theory was confirmed.

While we haven't experienced tornadoes (touching wood and being thankful), this has been a week of some personal disasters. The small ones were a smashed jar (but what a miserable task finding all the tiny splinters of glass that exploded all over the little cabin of the RV) and later the same day, the discovery of tiny moths in one of the cupboards. Ack. It meant some small bags of foodstuffs (almonds, sunflower seeds, and sadly, the quinoa) had to be tossed.

But the worst? My computer. Major crash. For me, this is a personal disaster, although fortunately, critical files are on a back-up stick.

It's probably going to slow me down in the blog and other writing departments. Still, I'll do what I can. Interesting that all of this should occur when we're just about at the halfway point of our trip.

It's certainly made me realize just how much I depend on a machine as an extension of myself. For without words, who am I?


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