Sunday, May 29, 2011

A day for firsts

Today is the first time I rode a golf cart around a course. There were even a few short bursts where I had to drive the thing (a definite first). Still, I was glad we didn't walk the course, as the dedicated bunch I was with decided to get their money's worth and played 27 holes. Hey, while the weather's good here, grab it! And yes, that really is snow lurking behind them on the ski hill.

My other first? Gnats. They seem to be a kind of high-flying sand flea, but at least they don't bite, something I was grateful for, as they loved zooming in under my glasses and climbing into my eyes. Gnatsty little things, that's for sure.
The other first today went to driver Dan Wheldon who snuck in from behind to take the checkered flag at the Indy 500. J.R. Hildebrand, the rookie who'd been leading this, the 100th anniversary of the race, nicked the wall on the final corner, but scrootched in for second. No winning bottle of milk for him.

I bet those race car drivers didn't have to deal with gnats. But then, they also didn't get to look at the kind of scenery I did, riding and driving around at Superior National Golf Course. They also didn't have to deal with the kind of weather we came upon next.

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