Monday, May 23, 2011

Another lighthouse, another great campsite

Heading for Sault Sainte Marie (both Soos -- the one in Michigan and the one in Ontario), we decided to take the 'quiet' highway, something we're doing more and more of. The Interstates don't offer much to see, and competition for the road from other traffic can feel brutal. 

Moseying up Michigan's Highway 23, I spotted a sign for a state park. There are plenty of these along the way, but this one seemed to beckon.

The place was filled with birds (even I, not a birder of any sort, saw a Baltimore Oriole and a Red-headed Woodpecker). And as you can see, the lighthouse was picture perfect.

I was glad we'd taken the turn -- and doubly glad the park was one with campsites so we could stay a while longer. You might well enjoy it too, especially when you see one of our 'visitors'.

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