Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last stop before Canada

The weather's still on-and-off, less than ideal. But our lucky stars led us yet again to a wonderful spot for our last night of camping (for a while at least) in the U.S.

The map showed one of those dotted-line scenic routes, so we decided to see where it would lead. The place we discovered, Letchworth State Park, turned out to be great, both for daytime hiking (even if we did get sprayed like crazy by the various falls) and for camping overnight.

As with so many places we've discovered on our trip, the park is loaded with history. The story I like best is that much of the land was logged-out and covered in nothing but stumps, but that William Pryor Letchworth acquired it and added it to the site of his museum, to remain a forested wilderness in perpetuity. I have to admire him, and credit him with having a great deal of vision. If only there were more of his style of philanthropy around.

Once again, we were nearly the only people around, so it felt as though we had our own private forest. If you listen carefully to the little video, along with the crackling of the fire, you'll hear the call of evening birds -- a far cry from where we'll be in the next post.

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