Friday, April 29, 2011

Simon says...

Simon is the name we call the little man who lives inside the GPS. He has an English accent, and is always very polite, even when he's telling us (for the third time) to "Please turn around as soon as it is possible."

Although we do our best to keep him up to speed by letting him on the Internet too, the updates don't always work, especially in construction zones. Sometimes those little diversions confuse him.

If you look at the photo above, you'll see that Simon seems to think we're off in a field someplace. Another time, when we were taking a ferry, the little blue VW that serves as our avatar appeared to driving over the water -- shades of Herbie the Love Bug!

While at first I scoffed, thinking a GPS was 'just another gadget', we would have been lost without him. And I say this quite literally, especially when we tried to find the place we planned to stop near Louisville, KY -- a feat that required crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky, then taking a complicated series of cloverleafs so we could get to a town in Indiana. Huh!?

But my next stop is one that Simon didn't have a hand in.

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