Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a clean machine!

We've made our way through the last of the mountains. From here on in, things should be mostly flat.

Yesterday and this morning saw us poking about in Great Sand Dunes National Park. The photo I missed taking was capturing the lightning and thunder (and rain and hail and wind!) that paid a visit during the night. It was as if someone was taking our photo -- everything lit up -- "say cheese!"

After all that sand and dust and taking us safely through all those steep mountain pases, The Rattler had earned some tidying up.

Vacuumed and washed, what an improvement. Laundry this afternoon as well. Even the sheets are fresh and clean. Ahhh!

So, where do you suppose we go from here, but a place with big-time muddy tracks.


Coffee Machine said...

Coffee Machine
should be clean all the time...

hg said...

As should all machines be clean as possible all the time.
Still, I can't remember the last time my coffee machine had to drive through the desert...