Sunday, April 17, 2011

One month to Toronto...

The flowers above are tiny wild violets. I took the photo while we were passing through California. Anyone who's read Rattlesnake Plantain knows that I have a thing for wildflowers.

But it isn't wild violets that are leading us to Toronto, it's my new book, Shrinking Violets.

The launch event is set for one month from today: Toronto on Tuesday, May 17th. I love that it's being held at a place called 'The Supermarket' as the book's main character works in one.

So, how many miles is that from southern Utah?? I guess we better put the pedal to the metal -- or at least stop gawking at every red rock -- as we have a lot of country ahead of us.

P.S. Just consulted the atlas. Even the most direct route (which I know we never take) is 2,000 miles. And no, I don't want to even think of that in kilometres, especially if we need to make any 'rest stops'.

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