Monday, April 04, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

At least the lazy way I'm takin' it. This is the night view of the spot where we're 'camped' -- smack in the midst of Las Vegas. Not very woodsy here, more like a parking lot. Still, it's pretty exciting being right in the thick of things. Crazy, eh.

The morning was time for laundry, and the Dear Man actually developed some black and white film (photos from Yosemite) in here.

Then, after an afternoon spent mostly poolside, reading and paddling around, it's time to head out for some sightseeing.

But first, there's a basketball game I plan to see. Go Butler!

PS After game comment and on to what comes next: oh damn.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about Butler, they totally fell apart. But at least they got there!


hg said...

Oh, I know, Butler's performance the second half was so disappointing. It looked as though they suddenly realized where they were, what was at stake, and fell apart. Still, great that they were there, Puffaloo!