Saturday, April 09, 2011

Still too wintry for the mountain roads...

Although the roads down here in the valley were mostly clear, the mountain roads were too hazardous for us to venture out towards more national parks.

Both of us were glad that the U.S. government managed to get its budget squabbles resolved for the time being, as national parks would have had their gates locked. And here we are in Utah, a state that may have more national parks per square inch than other one in the union.

Besides taking too many photos of the incredibly varied landscape, the usual weird
sights along the way also caught my eye, like this sign. But an even better sign came my way today, as I found my first (ever?) four-leaf clover.

Exploring the nearby lowlands proved to be fun. And by the time we got back to town, things were melted enough that the Dear Man (die-hard that he is) got in nine holes of golf.

And all of this, I suppose was good preparation for our next stop.

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