Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a great day!

Out-of-town friends are such a great excuse to get out and do something. We started at Darts Hill, a garden that's only open a couple of days each year. The friends' timing for being in town was perfect, as today was the day.

After that we took a long lazy stroll on the beach.When we came back here the friends had to grab their bags and head for the car so I could deliver them to the aiport. By now they're probably back to Denver, maybe even at home with Rudy the Dog.

When I got back from the airport run, I scooted on over to Camp Alexandra -- site of a local arts festival. Lucky me, I got there in time to catch a set by Heidi McCurdy and her band -- always great stuff. Talent galore -- and floating on a summery breeze, her voice sounds even better than it does on CD.

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