Monday, May 18, 2009

Queen's birthday, Victoria Day

Besides being the official day celebrating the current queen's birthday (even though Elizabeth was actually born on April 21), this is also the day many of us put our indoor plants out in the garden. It's usually a great weekend for having a big barbecue and best of all, a Monday that lets you sleep in.

For fun, or if you're into arcane information, here's a quiz about Victoria. The oddest bit about the quiz is that it appears to have first been posted on an April Fool's Day. Maybe they're all trick questions.

There's also a new film bearing the name Victoria Day. It sounds interesting in quirky kind of way.

And though I don’t think I ever thought about it before, I once had a friend in school with the name, Victoria Day. She usually went by Vicky, but I’m sure she was a Victoria. Wherever she may be (or whatever surname she may now bear), I'd like to wish her a happy birthday too, even if it isn't the right date for her either.

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