Sunday, May 03, 2009

The not-so-great debate

There’s an election campaign going on out here in B.C. though really, for all the swine-flu coverage blanketing (smokescreening?) the news, you might not know it. This evening, the three leaders met each other, supposedly to air their views and respond to questions posed by citizens from around the province.

It didn't seem that Carole James or Gordon Campbell really answered many of the questions. Campbell, especially, did his usual sidestepping dance of avoidance.

The only leader who brought anything new to the table was Jane Sterk, leader of the province's Green Party. She suggested that policing and emprisonment had not provided solutions to crime, and was the only one of the three to take this fresh approach.

She also presented the idea that the time has come for legalization of drugs, reminding viewers that the last time gangs had such power was near the end of Prohibition.

Sterk was also the only person who spoke at all about the companion item on our ballot, the question of STV, an issue I plan to consider another time -- soon.

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