Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flowers aren't only for Mother's Day

Probably one of the first Mother's Day gifts I gave was a handful of something I'd wrenched out of my mother's garden.

Fresh flowers are life-affirming, so it makes sense that we give flowers to our mothers, the source of life for each of us. Even google has incorporated flowers into its header/logo today.

The photo, taken on a blustery April day in Vancouver, is of Eric -- and it's the first day of business for him at his flower stand on the corner of Georgia and Seymour (at least I think that's where he was -- eagle-eyed readers, please help me correct this if wrong).

As his sign indicates, there are lots of reasons to buy flowers. My favourite for receiving them? When they're for no reason at all.

P.S. Eric is an actor. So, when you buy flowers from him, you're supporting the arts. If you don't have an Eric near you, try to find some other way to lend support to the arts in your town. Do it for your mother.


Janet Vickers said...

A bouquet for you for your letter in the Vancouver Sun.

hg said...

Thank you, Janet. It's nice to know there are still people who read newspapers!