Saturday, May 23, 2009

Silly happens.

The picture above is of my pal, Bluey.

Mister B.T. Blue to be formal, but Bluey to anyone friendly.

He’s been my companion on recent walks and explorations, and he’s found lots of opportunities for having his picture taken.

The other day, when he was out for a hike, he came across this large knife. One of his friends helped him carry it for a while. Sadly, she left it behind at the one establishment in town with staff who don’t seem to have manners (we learned this the hard way -- when we went back to try to reclaim Bluey’s treasure). Bluey sure found a lesson in that. Bad manners, Ouch!

Because we’re all working on poetry here, Bluey’s done his best to join into the spirit of things. Here he is, imitating his favourite poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti -- by posing in his very own Coney Island of the Mind.

As Bluey’s told me –- more than once –- anytime is a good time for being silly. But especially after lots of productive work, silliness feels extra good.

These last ten days have been a mix of making new friends and putting the head down to the keyboard. With the sun shining and the birds singing (and the mosquitoes whining), it feels like a good time to get silly.

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Anonymous said...

Still haven't figured out how not to be anonymous ... but you know who I am right? (smile) ... thought I'd let you know you are officially reelected to the White Rock and Community Arts Council. After the meeting we raised a glass to you and all the other newly elected members ... sois sage ... J.