Thursday, May 07, 2009

Canucks Fever

No worries, that isn't a variation on swine flu. It's the fever that spreads through Vancouver and B.C. during May of most years. It's playoff season, so let the silliness rule!

Nearly everyone, whether they follow sports or not, gets into the spirit. Even the buses proclaim their allegiance.

One of the traditions in being faithful to one's team requires men to go without shaving, letting their beards grow for the duration of their team's play.

A local group decided to take the idea of playoff goatees a step further. They pledged that every time the Canucks win a game, they'd purchase a goat for a village in Africa. Their challenge ("Goat Canucks Goat!") has attracted a lot of support. As of this writing, 455 goats have been donated, but no doubt that number will keep rising.

I was in Vancouver again yesterday, and it's hard to ignore the happy atmosphere and smiling faces everywhere. Really, it seems everyone is united in sharing this common goal. Just look at the uniform even the bus driver is wearing!

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hg said...

Well, the season's over.

But at least the goat guys' goat-o-meter is up to 544 milk- and meat- and income-providers for families in Africa!