Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Orthodox Christmas

Today is the day when part of the world celebrates Christmas. If you read the article embedded in 'Christmas' you'll see that the Orthodox calendar has other interesting elements to it.

I like their belief that the new year begins on the first of September. That date always feels like a new start somehow. And wouldn't New Year's Eve be much more fun on the warm and still-light evening of August 31st?

So, how will I observe this second chance at Christmas? Probably by taking down the last of the decorations and putting them away for another year, even the little angel who looks as though she's being blinded by the sun.

Thankfully, the snow is finally melting, but here's a link to a poem called 'Snow' -- a cooperative effort, based on contributions from many poets (including me), compiled by Ursula Vaire and the women who run Leaf Press.


Angelfruit said...

Love the little angel - is that something you do yourself?

hg said...

Oh, how I wish I were clever enough to make such a delightful object. Her wings look like big paperclips. Maybe next Christmas I will feature those.

This shot just presented itself, New Year's Eve day, I think, when the sun was totally pouring into the room.

Janet Vickers said...

At least you caught the sun at the right spot - that is a lyric moment!

hg said...

Gosh, Janet, from the way she appears to be shielding her eyes, I thought it was the angel who was catching the sun!

But yes, I feel really lucky that the camera was at hand.