Saturday, January 31, 2009

A murder of crows?

I've always disliked that particular collective noun. But then, that might be because I like crows. For one thing, they're smart. For another, they're always so nice and shiny.

I've been trying to think of a better name for a group of them. When I see crows near a garbage bin, I think a plunder might suit them. But then, hearing a huge number of them, as in the video below (shades of The Birds), I consider the word cacophony. A cacophony of crows -- it even sounds cacophonous. But since crows aren't always loud, that might be nearly as unfair as murder. How about a riddle of crows?


Janet Vickers said...

I like Plunder of Crows - that seems fitting without having to think about it.

Anonymous said...

I often try to fantasize the story behind the sighting of a single crow alone in the sky.

Did he sleep in that morning?

Is he at odds with his family?

Couldn't stop eating and was late leaving the feeding ground?

Was he feeling adventurous?

Don Reynolds said...

That wasn't anonymous. That was me. I poked the wrong button.

hg said...

Thank you, Don, for not being anonymous. And thank you for such a thoughtful posting. I must admit I kind of like the idea that he's at odds with his family. In fact, could the reason he's flying away be that he's 'eating crow'?

Janet Vickers said...

It has just occurred to me that if your middle name was Ursula your initials would be quite adorable.

hg said...

Oh, if only my middle name were Ursula. I'd probably buy a raft of things that were monogrammed. What fun! Unfortunately, I'm left with the much-less attractive results of having Anne as my middle name.

Kimmy said...

how about a "Get Off My Land And Stop Eating My Chickadee Eggs, You Horrifying Ratbags" Of Crows?

yeah, that name about sums up my feelings. sorry to be contrary but.. no wait, i'm not sorry in the least!


hg said...

Nothing wrong with being contrary. Thus is so often the nature of dialogue in comments. Glad you posted!

Kimmy said...

you may not know this, but a "Get off my land and stop eating my chickadee eggs, you Horrifying Ratbags" of Crows is closely related to the "I'd like every one of you Disgusting Excuses for Birds to go Terrorize Someone ELSE for Five Minutes" of Magpies.