Thursday, January 15, 2009


The film, that is. Although yes, there's much that could be said about the concept of doubt itself: the ultimate underminer of self.

Although there were a few glitches (aren't there always) in this version, the portrayal of the nuns felt chillingly accurate. Just as Meryl Streep 's character (Sister Aloysius) does, too many nuns in my life seemed to do their best to make almost everything sinful, especially if it was easy or fun.

Really, they must have stayed up late, collectively working up new sins to dump on our heads, giving us more to lie awake and worry about going to hell over. I remember a few who would have loved Sister Aloysius's aversion to ballpoint pens. I'm sure they'd have backed her up by extolling the obscenity of their in-and-out action. See, they've still got me!


Nick (CFKS) said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this.

hg said...

I wonder, when you see it, Will you be scratching your head too? I'm talking about the Academy's decision to nominate Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Supporting Male Actor. Like really, what constitutes 'supporting' about his role? Without him, there wouldn't have even been a story -- he's IT.