Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To mark the Solstice

The sun peeked out this morning, so we packed a lunch and headed for the trail up to Avalanche Lake. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea, but there was plenty of room.
I knew that today marks the sun’s highest point, and that solstice would occur in this time zone at about ten minutes to noon.

I’d worn my watch, and as the time drew nearer, I started looking for some way to mark the occasion (if you’ve been to this blog other years, you know this is one of my traditions). And then, with hardly a minute to spare, there it was.

Who knows who might have built this little tower (I suspect a cooperative effort, with many contributions) or how long it might have stood. Or why they chose that particular spot of ground.

I just know that it appeared at exactly the right time, and can’t help but think it must bode well for a wonderful summer, although as I'm to learn the next day, not everything is as perfect as it seemed today. 

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