Thursday, June 16, 2011


The spot pictured in the photo above seemed an appropriate place to watch the seventh game of this year's Stanley Cup Series. We weren't (quite) the only ones in the bar who were cheering for the Canucks, though I have to admit it got harder, especially by the last half of the third period.

But worse than the game are the reports we've heard on the radio while we drove today. Sounds like the usual drunken goons riled up the mob mentality into a downtown of violent chaos.

I can't help but wonder, would the same thing have happened if the Canucks had won the Cup?

Let's just hope this isn't the last chance for Vancouver to prove itself as the 'world class city' it claims to be. Right now, I'm afraid it's looking like a 'no class' kind of place. At least the next place we visited was a spot with plenty of class and charm.


MCDFB said...

Did you get to play the band box?


hg said...

Yes, indeedy-oh. We played the bandbox.
Although it was playing a different song than the one you'd written about, the violinist's wrist was just as backward as ever.
I know I looked at the bandbox differently for having read what you wrote about it. I do hope you'll send the work someplace worthy of the piece.