Saturday, March 05, 2011

A week for arts and crafts

The arts are finally starting to get some attention out here in the 'burbs where I live. This week saw the City of Surrey hosting a forum on the arts and heritage. As always, there were aspects of the invited participants that made it feel incomplete: almost nobody under 50, nearly everyone pale winter white (not at all representative of the multicultural mix that is Surrey), and the usual, self-congratulatory lip-service over 'exciting new plans'. Yeah.

Still, I'm glad the conversation's occurring. More of same in White Rock on Monday for anyone with an opinion who'd care to be heard.

On Thursday night, Semiahmoo Arts once again lived up to its name by offering a free event featuring more one kind of 'art'. There was a free-to-the public viewing of a new exhibition of photographic art and music from the Soul of the World Multicultural Choir, led by local singer Heidi McCurdy. The gallery was packed for this month's three-man show and, happily, a number of items sold.

As for the crafts part of the week, not what you might expect. Aside from a big report being released in the U.K. on crafts that have always fascinated me, UFOs, there's a landcraft currently sitting in our driveway, waiting for us to embark on our crazy North American Tour. Look out, Kansas -- we're comin' soon!

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