Thursday, March 31, 2011

Early April Fool's prank!

And nobody in particular was even responsible. Maybe the gremlins.

Driving down a curving road -- one that looked like spring again -- we heard a crash from the back of The Rattler.

In the spirit of springtime, a jar of spaghetti sauce had broken free of its restraints in the cupboard and made a break for freedom. Unfortunately, the floor was as far as it got.

A roadside stop for cleanup (where a convenient stream provided water, as if to pitch in and help us with our plight) and soon all was well. Back to the drive (or in my case, ride) and enjoying the fresh green scenery.

It's also been a day for making note of literary tradition, with many markers along the route observing Mark Twain and other American writers. Passing through Calaveras County, one town even has brass plaques in the sidewalk, commemorating the winner of each year's Jumping Frog Competition. Talk about making books come to life!

And look at what I plan to do with books during all of April!

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