Tuesday, March 08, 2011

100 years

Apparently, that's the anniversary we're celebrating this International Women's Day.

I'm prompted to write because I just saw a story element on tv that made me think of myself. A woman is remarking at the tragedy of a young woman (unmarried) having a baby, having that mean she'll not get a degree.

But that was my story: having a baby, then another (!) and then deciding, as a single parent, to go back to school. Couldn't have done it without the example (going back to school at 50) of an important woman in my life, my mother, Carole.


Jevon said...

You are my role models, my inspiration. I love you both, and always will.

hg said...

I thank you, and on behalf of Gramma, thank you for her as well. I know she would be just as proud of you as I am.