Friday, March 25, 2011

Experiencing a 'C' change

The term 'sea change' refers to a shift of some kind, usually major. Today's been a day for several such changes, only I'm calling them 'C' changes.

For a start, we crossed the border from Oregon and entered California, so that was one 'C'.

Later, by some lucky fluke, our little tv managed to pick up C-SPAN, so I got to see Parliament in action, creating yet another 'C' change -- change from the current Conservative minority with the non-confidence vote which will lead to an election.

I stayed up late, watching as members of Parliament voted down 'the Harper government'. That's the phrase our pig-headed prime minister wanted to use instead of the more traditional 'the Canadian government' -- just one of the many signs of arrogance he displayed. Coupled with all the secrets regarding budget proposals, no wonder the government fell -- and on the charge of contempt. For those wanting further items regarding Steve and his party's misbehaviours, click here.

But if you'd rather simply find out where we're going next, try here.

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