Friday, February 16, 2007

A blogiversary!

It was February 16, 2006 that I started making these entries. Anyone who’s followed over the course of this year will know that there’s very little in the way of a unifying theme to this blog. Sure, there are readings and other arts events, but there’ve also been tree-cuttings and mini-rants and some pretty good celebrations.

After all these months, I can’t let another minute go by without thanking the person who helped me figure out how to set up a blog, Derek K. Miller. His presentation at an EAC meeting was all it took to get me going. His site is the longest-running blog I’ve ever visited. Wow, but it goes waaay back – all the way to October, 2000 – by some calculations, still the last millennium!

If you’ve visited Derek’s site lately, you’ll know that in January he was diagnosed with an intestinal cancer. From what he’s written about it, I’m confident that it was discovered early enough to make treatments completely successful. I know that I’ll be checking in there regularly to follow his progress as he beats this thing.


Jenn said...

happy blogiversary!! so many blogs get started and just slip away within months (weeks!) so here's to making it a year - and looking forward to more :)

Janet Vickers said...

Happy blogiversary from me too. When the first Blogiversity is established may you get a professorship. Nay a chair even! A liberal education that John Stuart Mill would be proud of. A wit that would make Oscar Wilde smile. A sense of nature that would encourage Whitman to role ecstatically in the grass.

hg said...

Thanks, J & J!

Comments provide such great encouragement to keep at it, as sometimes blogging feels like just an exercise in typing.

Gracias, amigas!