Tuesday, February 20, 2007

50 ways to . . . Part 4

#25 (February 12) One thing this 50 for 50 project has done is that it's made me take a closer look at some of the arts offerings in my own community. I think the best gallery I've found (okay, so far) is the eponymously named White Rock Gallery. I hope you take some time to explore the link to their paintings, as I wasn't allowed to take any photos while I was inside -- and really, some of them are fantastic!

#26 (Feb 13) Another thing I've learned in the course of this exercise is that I don't have to even go out to look at art. I sat in the cozy comfort of home and watched a video about about "Canada's Painter Laureate," NFB, Alex Colville: The Splendour of Order, illustrated exactly what its name suggests. Colville's life appears to be an exercise in order, from his morning walks with his dog to the geometric patterns he uses to determine positions of images in his #27 (Feb 15) When I returned the Colville video to the White Rock Library, I noticed a new show on the infamous 'art wall' beside the stairs. These paintings, mainly watercolours, are by Langley artist, Gwen Murphy. This image is one of her acrylic pieces (no glass, ergo, no glare).

#28 (Feb 17) It's appropriate that the Vancouver Biennale should be event number 28 on my list, as February 28th is the final day for people to vote on which giant sculpture they want the city to keep. Quick, hurry and vote for the one you want to stay. If you go to the site, not only do you get to look at all those sculptures, you get to participate in making a choice about public art. Oddly, I caught a glimpse of one of the pieces from the competition the other night while I was watching the season opener of Robson Arms. Something that made the episode even better was their use of soundtrack to further the plot -- local musician Heidi McCurdy did a whammy rendition of the old Nancy Sinatra hit, These Boots Are Made for Walkin'.

#29 (Feb 18) As part of its own 50th Anniversary celebrations, the city of White Rock sponsored a Lunar New Year celebration as we enter the Year of the Pig (or, as some prefer, the Boar). Chinese opera singers performed, and some pretty athletic artists presented the traditional lion dance. The weather was great and this was a wonderful opportunity to take a walk and say hi to friends. Oh yeah, Gung Hai Fat Choi!

#30 (Feb 19) The Oscars will be on this weekend, and I had to see Canadian-born actor, Ryan Gosling, as he's nominated in the Leading Actor category for his role in Half Nelson. He plays a difficult role in this independent film about a teacher who's got a whopping big drug problem. You can bet, come Sunday night, I'm going to be crossing my fingers for him!


Jenn said...

Inspiring! I definitely need to get out more - and you've just shown me how very easy it is :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Greco
I'm glad to see your enthusiasm for the local arts, and I'd like to present you with another oppourtunity to exercise it. I found you through the BC Federation of Writers; I was looking there because I host a slam/poetry series in Maple Ridge, and we're looking for our next feature poet.
My name's Devon Goodman, and I'm simply a highschool student with a fair bit of enthusiasm for poetry and all that comes with it. I saw you poem that placed in the CV2 contest (which I was also pretty excited to find out about), "The Uncertainty of Machines.", and enjoyed what you had to say quite a bit. As I said, we're looking for a feature; this would be Friday, March. 14th. Even if not, I'd be very interested in seeing more of your poetry.

-Devon vongoodman@gmail.com

(ps if this links to a blog, please ignore it. I don't think I've updated it since gr.9)

hg said...

Thanks back for your enthusiasm, Devon. And thank you too for letting me know about your event. I've written a longer message to you at your gmail address. Looking forward to talking further!