Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superb Owl

No, that’s not a typo – that’s my name for this day.

I’m not much of an NFL fan, so I like to spend this day doing non-football things. There’s a fine misty rain falling, so today is going to be a full-on reading day. My game plan includes a couple of poetry books and maybe even a bit of time to finish Tommy Chong’s non-fiction book about his time in jail. Nothing at all like my time there (see previous post: In Prison -- again), his time was the real thing.

As much as I’ve always enjoyed Tommy Chong’s humour and some of his political musings, I hate to say but so far, the best thing about his book is the cleverness of its title, The I Chong. I also have to give him (or maybe his editors) credit for the way he’s followed through on this with chapter headings based on the real I Ching. And yes, the book is laced with lots of philosophical musings, even if a lot of them come off sounding pretty hokey. Maybe you’re supposed to be stoned when you read the book?

The saddest thing about the book is that much of it feels as though it’s some kind of deal he might have cut with the authorities – a kind of, Hey, folks, I’ve changed my mind. They were right. Marijuana is bad bad bad. Not exactly in keeping with his previous persona, but hey – nine months in jail probably alters one’s perceptions in ways that drugs never could. All I can say, Mr. Chong, is: Peace to ya, man.

And to everyone else I say, Happy Superb Owl Day. As the Superb Owl himself might say, Enjoy it.

ADDENDUM: Well, now that I've finished the book, I have to report that Tommy Chong did get down off his whitewashed soapbox long enough to offer some insights about life 'in the joint' -- after all, that is what the book is supposed to be about. He doesn't have a lot in the way of kind words for the 'system,' meaning everything from the prisons to the offices of GWB. Less soupy than my first impressions led me to believe.


Gooser said...

I saw Tommy when the VIFF was playing his A/K/A Tommy Chong doc. AFter the showing he did a little Q and A. He said people always ask him what was jail like, and he always tells them the same thing, "just wait and see". He came off really pessimistic, when really he just got suckered into shipping his bongs to the wrong state. Cheers, Gus

hg said...

You're right, Gus, his 'crime' was that a couple of glass bongs from his company got sent to the wrong state. Natch, this was part of an elaborate and expen$ive sting. I can see why the guy might seem pessimistic.

antique hoof said...
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jacquie phelan said...

OOOH darnit.. well, ok, greetings from another word-cutter-upper.
I was gonna call this week Superb Owl week (there seems to be a huge buildup...I only love the commercials, but miss them cos you have to sort of be in the same room when the football game goes to break)...anyway, I think I'd still like to Play "Jer Eyes" this oh-s0-cute word combo (by your leave of course) so... pls lookmeupat and letmeknow if tis OK to burrow "Superb Owl" Ever the word butcherette, gloria stitz

hg said...

Of course, Jacquie, the Superb Owl is one for sharing with the world. I appree-she-ate your asking though, and your intent not to play 'Jer Eyes' anybody else's work. We gals hafta stick together, don't we. Whirr Don!