Thursday, December 21, 2006

Zappa, Take Two

Today is the day Frank Zappa should be turning 66. Too bad he didn't last long enough to see the concert we saw last night, Zappa Plays Zappa.

For a sample of what Frank's son, Dweezil is doing, click on the link at the end of this paragraph. Be sure you have speakers on, and that you're braced for a wall of sound. Ready? Go there now.

In keeping with the Old Man’s tradition, Dweezil’s picked only top-notch musicians to fill the stage with him. The blowmindingest was Steve Vai, who lives up the often overused adjective, legendary. Beyond Vai, if I had to pick a favourite, I'd be voting for Scheila Gonzalez. She sings, plays sax, a couple of keyboards -- and often seems to do all three just about simultaneously!

The world of Frank Zappa is as wonderful now as it was all those years ago with Freak Out. For a tiny taste of Frank, cross your fingers that this link remains active.

Take a close look at this photo to see where I was 22 years ago -- with my own son along that time too.

Happy what-should-have-been your 66th birthday, Frank. You must be proud of your baby.


The Mule said...

Hey, I was there too—I mean last night, not 1984. Steve Vai was amazing during his time on stage, as was the rest of the band.

hg said...

Rats! I mean, Hot Rats! Wish I'd seen you!

rox. said...

the first rock concert i ever attended was at kerrisdale arena to immerse myself in the mothers of invention. i was 15 and remember drinking a beer with a straw because i heard that would get me higher faster! what a rookie. most memorable highlights were: the mothers had 2 drummers (never seen that before) and frank played for the first 13 minutes with his back to the audience until he turned around and revealed a 2 foot strap on. this was not my father's jazz.