Friday, December 15, 2006

Time and time again

One of my girlfriends keeps going to see Casino Royale. I guess she reeally likes Daniel Craig, the new James Bond.

The last time I saw a film four times in the theatre? Ulp. Revenge of the Nerds. I think it had a lot to do with Gilbert (Anthony Edwards).

Videos and DVD’s take away a lot of the crazy obsessive element. What you do on the privacy of your own TV screen, well, heck, that’s nobody’s business but your own. The biggest repeater around here lately has been Jack Black in School of Rock. I adore it, just don’t start singing the finale song. It’ll get stuck in my head for a week.

I started thinking about other movies I’d seen multiple times. No news that The Wizard of Oz is right up there on the list. Same for the Star Wars series and the Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol, apparently called Scrooge. You could have fooled me. I always thought it was pretty much the official Christmas Carol, complete with Charles Dickens' personal seal of approval.

But some of the others I've seen more than a few times? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , the Beatles in Help! and the probably corny (but wonderful) Harold and Maude.

The strangest film I’ve ever seen more than once (both times at the cinema) is Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits. After seeing it once, I realized I didn’t remember ANY of it. That seemed just weird, so I went again. Second time, no better. Complete Teflon brain. Can anybody tell me what it’s about?

Weirdly, a film that lots of people have seen more than once is the other 1939 classic, Gone With the Wind. It turns out to be one I’ve never seen, except for maybe a couple of scenes on some movie channel while I'm flipping. I suppose I'll have to see it one of these days. Maybe for the 75th Anniversary Extravaganza in 2014 -- if they still have theatres by then. And no, don't even try to guess what popcorn will cost.


Reel Fanatic said...

School of Rock is indeed a charmer that demands multiple viewing .. two others I've seen many times are Office Space and Out of Sight

mrs. bond said...

how DARE you imply that i've seen casino royale over and over?? why, i've only seen it SIX TIMES. that only constitutes... erm... "repeatedly." "over and over" would be, like, every night for a week or something. might be a tad excessive even for me.

Mrs. Starr said...

Good to see you're around, Mrs. Bond! I'm the one who stood on a toilet in a locked stall during two separate clear-the-theatre intermissions so I wouldn't have to pay extra to see "Help!" three times in a row. You're not excessive. Not in the least.

rox. said...

fellini's first film in colour is "juliet of the spirits" and i saw it because i was taking italian at university and watching all of his flims. i took acid and enjoyed it thoroughly, so to me, this film is about colour and acid and fellini. it seems a good combination.