Wednesday, December 06, 2006

BT Brett and the 30th Anniversary Gala

Whew, were we ever lucky! By Saturday, enough of the dreaded snow had melted that a crowd of over 50 people managed to make it to this event at the White Rock Library. All in the name of celebrating 30 years of library service in the current building.

The gala, sponsored by the local Friends of the Library group, included a cake (of course), music by Guyle Coon’s jazz group, and presentations of awards to winners of

a creative writing contest.

But the highlight of the afternoon had to be the reminiscences and reading by author and former White Rock Councillor, Brian Brett.

Brett recalled the days when White Rock Library played host to readings by a host of writers. Among them were quite a few who were not so well-known back then. He told about the reading where only six faithful listeners showed up. And this gig featured Patrick Lane and Lorna Crozier. I imagine if that pair were to read there today, there wouldn’t be room in the building.

I guess his point was that libraries have always hosted readings for less-than-known writers – that this is one of the ways emerging authors sell their books and become known. He also reminded us of a gentler, more community-oriented White Rock – not one where highrises seem to be the only item on our city council’s agenda (although oops, how could I forget the 28% pay hike they are working on for themselves).

He also read excerpts from several of his books, including his most recent, Uproar’s Your Only Music. As you might expect, his book table sold out quickly.

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