Sunday, March 27, 2016

Silent Spring?

Not meaning to reference Rachel Carson's prescient book, Silent Spring, just offering a comment on how 'silent' this blog has been. No particular reason (other than 'life' getting in the way), though I am a bit sad over all the days for special events/observances that I've missed.

There was World Poetry Day on March 21st, International Water Day on the 22nd, and of course, one of our earliest ever dates for the Vernal Equinox, March 19th. Oddly, spring's arrival in this part of the world coincided with the end of this year's Earth Hour observance -- an observance that I managed to miss doing properly this year. I turned down a few lights, but didn't do it right. Just another of many observances I haven't properly heeded this spring.

But today is Easter. As you'll see from the green pot above, I accidentally 'pre-dyed' this year's dozen eggs. I like to use cloth in the pot, as I've found it keeps the eggs from bumping into each other (and cracking). Only this year's tea towel seems to have still had too much of its own colouring in it, as the eggs (which were brown, farm ones to start with) came out bearing a lovely green tinge.

As a result, the ones from the 'Bunny' all turned out in their own new muted shades for the celebration.

If you observe Easter, I hope it is happy. If you're more into celebrating the season with its many changes, enjoy that. By the way, I understand that any sweet treats you happen to eat today are calorie-free -- or so my pal the Bunny told me.

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