Saturday, March 05, 2016

A special person

I know, I can be a bit silly when it comes to remembering all these birthdays. But this one is for one of the most special people in my life -- the one I believe actually loved me unconditionally.

That would be my gramma, the one I called Mayme.

In truth, I don't think she would want to be around, considering she'd be turning 117.

Still, it might be time for me to light that candle and make a toast to her.


Janet Vickers said...

Lovely that you had such a person in your life.

hg said...

I know. It is a precious gift to have such a special relationship. When my ears were first pierced, she bought me earrings, made no snide remarks. When I was little, she taught me card games, which I still love to play. She accepted me 'as is' -- a rare thing...