Monday, February 17, 2014

Beyond the Olympics

After more than a week of watching too much tv (but hey, the Olympics only happen every four years), yesterday meant it was time to get out of the house for some other kind of event.

Okay, not all that different an event, still it wasn't on tv, it was live. Our local hockey team, the Surrey Eagles, had a game on Sunday afternoon.

After standing in some of the worst weather we've had in months, we finally got our tickets and entered the arena.

Not packed, but full enough -- especially considering the weather and the line-up on tv -- the place had a nice atmosphere.

Between periods, when the Zamboni came by, little kids jumped up and down as if it were the best part of the game.

No concerns about security or overpriced souvenirs. Nobody complaining about judges who might be unfair. Nobody even complained much when the home team lost.

All in all, the real thing: sports as something to be enjoyed.

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