Friday, April 20, 2012

That day again

Let’s face it. The war on drugs has spawned a nation of addicts. Had the laws restricting marijuana been eased way back in the ‘70s when the LeDain Commission came up with that very recommendation, I’m convinced there wouldn’t now be all these crack-heads and smack freaks filling our downtown cores and prisons.

If pot had been available only in liquor stores (or, places known by some catchier title that meant ‘outlets for controlled substances’) I suspect organized crime wouldn’t have managed such a stranglehold on selling this with-us-since-time-began weed.

The situation would never have risen where a person looking for a toke was posed the question that’s changed too many lives: “Wanna try some crack instead?”

These controlled-substances outlets might have even been able to take over distribution of tobacco, one of our deadliest (and most addictive) drugs.

Here it is 4/20 again – and once again, the protestors are on the streets, smoking and listening to music and speeches.

Yet Steve Harper, despite calls from all levels of police – even heads of state – continues to keep his greying head in the sand of denial. Oh, sigh. Looks as the gangs will continue to be the only ones winning this ridiculous ‘war’.

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