Friday, April 06, 2012

The egg was first...

For all of my ongoing rebellions at the often ridiculous demands of life, at heart, I'm a sucker for tradition.

I can't remember a year when I didn't find a way to dye a few eggs, not even last year when we were travelling in The Rattler, the beloved RV.

But this year, I got to thinking about how this tradition began -- and why.

The Internet is loaded with many explanations, though most seem to offer the logical line of thinking, that the egg is a sign of rebirth and of the renewed promise brought to us by springtime.

I was glad to learn that the idea is widespread, and not restricted to Christian beliefs surrounding the resurrection of Jesus.

Other religions respect the symbology of the egg. It's even a part of Passover observances, which (if I'm not too mistaken) begin this evening.

Whatever you may celebrate or observe, I hope you'll think about the simple power contained within the enduring egg.

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