Thursday, April 19, 2012


The theme of this year's National Poetry Month is balance. And last night's event in the Readings by the Salish Sea series was accomplished in living up to the theme -- in more ways than the obvious juxtapositions apparent in the photo.

Daniela Elza read from her brand-new book, the weight of dew, taking us on a word-tour through the world. Points of interest included the peaks of philosophy, the wonders of parenting, and also such down-to-earth places as an overflow campsite, the spot where everyone comes to fight. She also offered insights into some of her writing process and demonstrated the interplay of words in her triptych poems.

The other side of the event was work by distinguished poet, E.D. Blodgett. He read from Praha, a collection of poems that serve as an homage to the city of Prague. He also read from Sleep, You, a Tree, the seventh installment in his ongoing series, Apostrophes. His work provided the perfect balance to Daniela's work -- in subject matter, delivery and often echoing image:
"So close we are to being dust again, no stronger than the leaf..." (from the poem, "Dust").
It was also a night when the audience got to play with words, fooling around with pieces of mag-po or writing haiku for the City of Surrey's Mayor's Poetry Challenge (these will be presented to the mayor and councillors on Monday). And there's still time to Tweet your own haiku to Surrey (click on the link to Mayor's Poetry Challenge, scroll down to bottom of page).


daniela elza said...

It was a delightful night. Thank you to all who came. And thank you Heidi for being such a wonderful host both in your home and at the reading series.
And to Barbara for all the co-ordination, all the paperwork, organization and assistance.

hg said...

Oh, Daniela, your contributions certainly mattered tremendously. I can only echo giant thanks to you!