Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The world is on its way

With only ten days to go until the Olympics begin, it's becoming clear that Vancouver is putting on the finishing touches and doing its best to look good. Granville Street is filled with lanterns that make the evenings look magical.

The other day, when I was picking up family from the airport, it was easy to spot international visitors, including this one, who it turns out is one of the clothing providers for the Russian team.

But even though there's lots that looks great, some elements aren't quite in place. One thing I'm concerned about is the lack of public toilets in the city. Australia had no such qualms about hiding such facilities. Every little town had prominent signs pointing the way to the nearest loo.

And despite Vancouver's claim for being so green, I was unable to find recycling facilities for the plastic cups we were served from at an event at the Orpheum Theatre. Thanks to a Christmas gift, we were able to attend a concert that's part of the Cultural Olympiad. Oddly, when the emcee announced thanks, she credited Heritage Canada and the Government of Nova Scotia. Hmm. Go figure where B.C.'s arts money has gone, if not to these showy events. But nope, no recycling available at these, the greenest Olympics in the 'greenest city' around.

I've since heard that there won't be any garbage containers available -- all part of our Big Brother Security Show. I'm not sure who'll be looking after the streets, but this sight on Granville (admittedly from over a week ago) doesn't seem very welcoming.


daniela elza said...

I think the Olympics have managed to get to me. i am now more curious about the game behind the games.

here is how the Olympics committee VANOC has caused grief to one place in Vancouver. Very unlike their mission statement.
oh, dear


hg said...

That's quite the story, Daniela. I remember hearing about it a few years back. I'm just glad they're still open. Thank you for the link.
Similarly, I keep wondering about my favourite organic yogourt, which also has one of those can't-say-'em words as its name.