Thursday, February 18, 2010

The glass is half full

...of mountains and sea.

I'm lucky to be part of Denman Island's Winter Writer's Retreat, and even luckier with where I've been assigned for accommodation. That photo is the view from the room where I'm staying.

Life is certainly good here. The loudest noise is the raucous lullaby of barking sea lions on the rocks (their evening cries, ork, ork, ork!). The quietest sound is the silence of all those extra night-sky stars. So many, so bright!


daniela elza said...

I love this photo. this is how my mind works too. and it is definitely half full. not half empty. In fact it is completely full. since the rest is full of sky:-)

hg said...

Oh, Daniela, you’ve taken the half-view of the cliché and expanded it to take in the sky. By doing that, you’ve not only made it whole, you’ve made it fresh. Ever the poet, that’s you.

Janet Vickers said...

the more I look at that photo the more I like it - nature reflected inside and out.