Sunday, June 07, 2009

"It's all good" has had it

I don't want to hear this inane remark any more.

The truth of the matter is: It isn't all good.

Especially not all the crap we've been stashing for a rainy day. Probably not even half of that is any good.

And the world? Nope, it isn't all good either.

Sure, some things are pretty good, or quite good, or even mostly good, but no. It's not all good. So please don't say that any more -- especially not to me.


Don Reynolds said...

You DO know, don't you, that "good" and "bad" depends on which side of the line on which you are standing?

There is an old story concerning a man who found a horse. His neighbors said, "How fortunate."

He replied, "Maybe yes, maybe no."

His son rode the horse, fell of and broke his leg. The neighbors said, "How unfortunate."

The man replied, "Maybe yes, maybe no."

A group of men came looking for youngsters to fill ranks in the army for a war. They didn't take the man's son because of the broken leg. His neighbors said, "How fortunate."

He replied. "maybe yes, maybe no."

The point is, that with no one having any knowledge at all of "the big picture," one might as well look upon all happenings as "good", and live a more peaceful life than if one saw "bad" even occasionally.

This philosophy does not preclude anyone from trying to "right wrongs." It's merely a logical way to ease a mind.

hg said...

Thank you for taking this up a notch, Don -- to the realm of philosophy. Thank you too for the wonderfully instructive anecdote (parable?).

I hadn't been very clear in the original posting.

Really, I'm tired of hearing a toss-off sentence that's degemerated into a platitude (along the lines of 'have a nice day') -- just so many empty words.

Don Reynolds said...

Ah yeah, hg. I kinda figured that was the way you meant it, but I'll take any chance I get to philosophize.

I appreciate the way you took my comment too. I was afraid it might have made you a little irritable. That happens often when I write things like that. Unasked-for-advice, you know.

hg said...

Here I thought the whole idea of making a blog posting was that someone might respond from the invisible ether of the Internet.

I'm just glad you DO respond, Don.

And really, where better to philosophize?

Don Reynolds said...

I wrote out several scenarios as a reply to your last reply, but I didn't like any of them, so I wrote this one. (It's my favorite.)