Thursday, December 04, 2008

Saved from the worst day ever

At least this morning's news made it feel like the worst day -- when Governor General Michaelle Jean apparently caved in to Steve Harper and put a pause on the actions of Parliament.

I'll admit to admiring the technical term for it, prorogue, as it does seem to describe exactly what Ms. Jean did -- acted on behalf of the biggest rogue in town, Steve.

Stephen Hume's column in this morning's Vancouver Sun was all about leadership. He cited a Welsh proverb. "He who would lead, let him be a bridge." Too bad Steve doesn't seem to believe in bridges.

But I was saved from wallowing in sadness, as George asked me to join him for a walk-along on the golf course. Always a great way to kick off the cobwebs, spot some bridges, and breathe!


Vancouver realtor said...

You took it the right way. Probably, we will have the fifth election I eight years, so it's time to enjoy the days more and stop reading news from parliament, or we all can go completely crazy soon :)
I hope we will have calm Christmas at least...
Take care

hg said...

While I'll second the motion for having a calm Christmas, I can't help wondering about the 71,000 Canadians reported to have lost their jobs in November. How calm will their Christmas be, especially considering that Parliament is 'on hold' for so many weeks and won't be taking any action to address the needs of the people?