Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Russ Hiebert -- could he be Canada's Worst MP?

Yesterday, I was one of many who signed the petition in support of the proposed coalition government to replace the now-all-too-apparent agenda of Canada's Conservative Party.

The website suggested phoning the office of my local MP and letting him know my views.

When I called Russ Hiebert's office, I was greeted with a message informing me that office staff were on another call, and would I please leave a message.

Without mentioning the purpose of my call, I left my name and number, mentioned when I expected to be in -- and for good measure, left my number and name again.

No one from Hiebert's office has yet found the time to return my phone call -- and what is this now, 36 hours later?

Asleep at the switch? Or is he just too busy mustering more blasts against the left, the Quebecois and pretty well anyone who isn't in Harper's right-wing camp, wanting to trim back rights to gender equality and more?

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