Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winter golf, supremo!

Today was the day the PGA kicked off its season for 2008. Or, should that be 'teed off' its season? And last time I checked, both Weir and Ames were still holding places on the leader board.

Whichever, it was a day for golf at the loveliest of the local courses, Peace Portal.

A couple of birdies, a few bogeys, not quite enough pars. The only eagle was the one that flapped past from the trees on the 14th hole, though he was most impressive.

One of life's mysteries was also solved today: how do George's pants get so muddy when he plays? Besides using a towel to wipe off his clubs, it seems he's developed the habit of using his pantleg as well. Guess it's more convenient than going back to his golf bag each time...

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