Monday, January 28, 2008

The Power of Language

The people behind Oback Barama have hired themselves some darn smart writers. The slogan they've created for their candidate is one heckuva powerful mantra. Talk about three loaded words.

YES -- Now there's a positive message if ever there was one. No more 'no' to anything as a rallying cry. He's giving the people the opportunity to say 'yes.'

WE -- What word better unifies the people? There's no second-person 'you' in his slogan; this is all about working together.

CAN -- The choice of verb is the simplest of the many words that mean enablement, that signify potential.

Three little words, eight little letters... I expect we're going to be hearing this slogan a lot: Yes, we can.

If you close your eyes and listen to him saying it, you might even think for a minute that you're hearing Martin Luther King. Do you suppose that could be something the handlers have been working on too?

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Janet Vickers said...

I'd be rooting for Barack if I were American.