Saturday, September 30, 2006

WOTS happening!

Last Sunday's Word on the Street was yet another sunny, perfect day. Here are a few glimpses of my favourite spot (where else), Poet's Corner.

That's Sandy Shreve proudly announcing the 10th Anniversary of Vancouver's Poetry in Transit series. The head in the front row belongs to Rhona McAdam, who read from her wonderful book Cartography.

All the poets at this particular reading were ones whose poems have been selected for this year's TransLink program. All those poems riding around on the buses and SkyTrains, wheee! I still get the occasional email or discover someone else who first read my poem, "Promises, Promises" because they were taking transit.

Great program -- both for writers and riders!


Meagan said...

I'm another one of those bus riders...I love your poem 'Promises, Promises', and it makes my day every time I'm on a bus with it. :) It's beautiful, and thank you.

hg said...

And thank you for the comment, Meagan.

It's funny how that little poem has managed to touch so many people. The weirdest thing is I'm still not really sure where it exactly came from. One of those gifts from the Universe, I think.