Thursday, September 14, 2006

There's No Hype Like It

So much for thinking of the Canadian Forces as peacekeepers. New recruiting ads turn that sort of thinking on its bayonet.

The somewhat ambivalent There's No Life Like It has been replaced with Fight Fear, Fight Distress, and Fight Chaos: Fight with the Canadian Forces. It's enough to make me want to have a fight with the Forces.

This seems contrary to everything our Armed Forces have stood for -- and in direct contradiction to what our troops purportedly went to Afghanistan for. Weren't we initially told it was to build schools and other infrastructure that would enable people to lead better lives?

I don't remember being promised that our soldiers would be kicking in the doors of civilians' homes. Yet that's one of the scenes depicted in these new ads.

Still, I guess we're supposed to be grateful that focus groups at least convinced them to drop the phrase Fight Terror from the ads.

And they wonder why they're having such a hard time recruiting nurses and doctors...

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Janet said...

Yes we are mostly peacekeepers. And we need to remind our leaders that we are. Thanks for the reminder here.