Monday, July 24, 2006

Never too thin or too rich?

I seem to recall someone amending the Duchess of Windsor's quote so it said, "You can never be too thin or own too many books." As far as the too-thin part goes, I don't have any worries. But I think I'm starting to wonder about the too many books. Is it possible?

This is the pile I lugged home with me on Saturday. Good thing I didn't have to walk far to any bus stops, or my arms might have been dragging on the sidewalk.

Luckily, I'd come prepared and brought a sturdy cloth bag. Still, I'm beginning to wonder about this maybe-compulsion.

Five of the books were a bonus that came along with SFU's Annual Symposium on the Novel. Another, Dead Man in the Orchestra Pit, came from a book launch in the evening. But in between these two events, what did I do? Spent time trolling bookstores and second-hand shops. What did I buy? You already know: more books.

I'm not sure there'll ever be time to read half of the books that surround me. Still, I'd really hate it if a day came along when there wasn't something at hand that I really, really wanted to read.

Considering this latest pile, that shouldn't happen any time soon.


Kimmy Beach said...

you'll totally *heart* blood sports by eden robinson. i think it's one of the best works of canadian fiction i've read in some time.

Gus said...

Hi Heidi,
If you liked "Drina Bridge" you might also like "The Bridge on the Drina" by Ivo Andric, quite amazing.