Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chez Hoser, Canada Day

Welcome. This is the front door of our house today. Looks pretty calm, doesn't it. But if you could see the kitchen, you might shake your head. The sink's piled high with colanders, pots, containers, and spoons, but the first ten jars of raspberry jam are cooling down, ready to become gifts or breakfast treats in winter.

This morning, Brenna and Sharon and I went out to Aldergrove and each picked the most beautiful raspberries. Big as the top joint of your thumb, they were so perfectly ripe they pretty much rolled off into our hands. The sun on my back, the sounds of birds, quiet chatter from the people picking in the next row -- what better way to spend a Canada Day morning.

Sure, the afternoon's been a bit messy. But besides the jam, there are already berries in the freezer. What a treat they will be, come November.

And tonight, of course, the real reward: fireworks down at the beach. Once again, another Happy Canada Day, eh.

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Janet said...

Raspberry jam! Yum. I have fantasies about making jam. How can I weasle a jar or an invitation for toast and coffee? Hmmm.