Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Making history

Okay, just in a small way, but still. On April 28th, I was one of two writers who made history with the very first poetry reading at City Hall in Surrey, B.C.

When we first approached them, early in February, we were told in no uncertain terms, "City Hall doesn't do that sort of thing." As if it might be something they'd get arrested for.

Luckily, my partner for this reading was Ashok Bhargava, and he wouldn't give in so easily. He insisted we find another contact -- that we should try Councillor Judy Villeneuve.

Like they say, networking pays. Next thing we knew we were helping two of the Events Co-ordinators to fill out the application forms that had to go to The League of Canadian Poets.
Here's a shot of Ashok and Sheenam (one of those terrific Events women), going over some last minute detail before the reading.

We had a terrific noon-hour crowd of about 30 enthusiastic listeners. I was able to make them laugh with my poems about kids and messy houses. Ashok touched their hearts with his more-thoughtful pieces, especially a wonderful one about the difficulties of learning English.

I can't help think we did more than make a bit of history. I think we might have opened some doors and minds to the idea of poetry.

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